$100 a day

$100 Per Day – Update

In the world of Internet marketing there is never enough time to
do everything. I often run out of time when trying to complete
tasks so that is why I outsource. Most of the jobs I outsource I
can do myself but it is just not feasible to do them as it would
take too long.

Recently I outsourced a video graphics job, I could have
completed this job myself but it probably would have taken me
about two days to complete. The outsourcer did a fantastic job
and only charged me $149. Now I don’t know about you but my time
is certainly worth more than $75 a day.

I know a lot of you have day jobs and simply don’t have the time
to be building websites when you get home from work. Well the
thing is you don’t need to…….. as long as you have a basic
understanding of how to build websites and you’ve built one or
two yourself, then you can outsource the rest. That way it is
very easy to come up with a schedule of work that needs to be
completed each month. You can outsource say 10 websites a month,
all you need to do is the market research.

As an example I have a guy in the Philippines who works for me
full-time and guess what he only charges me $250 per month. When
I first employed him I was paying him $125 per month. That was
because I had to teach him all of the Internet marketing skills
you need to complete the job. Over time I’ve increased his
monthly take-home pay.

He has a set number of jobs / tasks he needs to complete each
week and he doesn’t get paid until he had completed those set
tasks, I have found this is the best way to manage people in the
Philippines. I still do a lot of work myself such as the “$100
dollars per day challenge” this was not outsourced apart from the
article writing.

Once you get a basic grasp and understanding of how to make money
online and you also know how to build websites that make money,
it becomes easy to outsource building and marketing these
websites and so it becomes easy to scale up your profits.

$100 Per Day Challenge Update
Well it is the last month of “The $100 dollars per day challenge”
and I must say I’m doing rather well. I have built about 40
websites, Adsense websites, Clickbank websites and Amazon
websites. The results are below…
Okay my Adsense earnings so far are averaging between $20 – $30 a

My Affiliate earnings (Clickbank only at the moment) seem to be
fluctuating week to week but on average I am doing about $300 a
week – say $40 a day.

My Affiliate earnings are mostly coming from my mini site

Total after 2 months is now around $60 a day, with no operating
costs other than web-site hosting and my time…..

In the last couple of weeks I’ve started a video marketing
campaign which is proving to be very successful for Clickbank

So by the end of March I expect to be at my target or above, and
ready to repeat the process again !!

How I Made $2000 In 6 Days

In my last newsletter I told you about a product launch called
“Banner Ad Blueprint” and I also told you that I was launching a
PPC campaign and had built a mini site promoting Banner Ad

I put this site up last week on launch day and things went wild,
I made almost $2000 in the first week with an ad cost of only
around $200 (made $400 yesterday !!)

I have made a video about this strategy, I call it “Quick
Cash….” And I have decided to incorporate this into one of the
modules in MoneyMakers TV.


Your Blueprint To Making Your First $100 A Day
Well for those of you who would like to learn how to make $100
per day you only have to wait till next week. I’m re-positioning
Money Makers TV as an Internet Marketing College, with a strong
practical focus and an emphasis on training people in how to make
$100 per day as an immediate result.

I am starting with a basic training course for absolute
beginners, comprising 3 training modules showing you all the
basics from registering a domain name to setting up reseller web
hosting, and the basics of Adsense and affiliate marketing.

This leads into the main course – “Your Blueprint To Making Your
First $100 A Day”- which is a multi-module course.
All the videos are recorded by me and at the end of each module
you will have a set list of tasks to complete, yes you do have to
do some work !!

Oh, and if you don’t do the work you don’t get the certificate at
the end !!

We will cover everything you need to know to make your first $100
a day, ranging from Clickbank affiliate marketing, Adsense,
Amazon affiliate marketing, Video marketing and also there will
be complete modules on traffic building and outsourcing, so you
can scale things up well past the $100 a day !!

Other courses include more advanced content for Intermediate
level marketers (and those of you who graduate from the basic
course) and complete advanced money making systems, more details
will be revealed in the next few weeks.
Running alongside the courses there is a coaching programme which
will include the following:

– A one-hour phone call with myself or one of the tutors each
– Critiques of your websites and traffic generating programmes
– Help desk
– Monthly webinars

Also on the cards is a monthly meeting for all coaching students,
to be held in London.

The intent is that people WILL take action on what they have
learnt, and you WILL make $100 a day as a result !!