Buy A Gig On And Sell It For £1,000 ?

Right now there is a huge opportunity that very few people are taking advantage of. What am I talking about, well its local business marketing. I have several friends that are making over £10,000 a month doing very little work.

In essence all they are doing is selling Internet marketing services to local businesses. The interesting thing is that most of the work is outsourced.  So if your selling something like website building services,  SEO services etc this can all be outsourced, in fact I’ve got friends who are charging businesses £1,000 a month for SEO services (basically just link building) and then hiring someone on  to do the work for them!!

I spoke to one guy a couple of days ago who’s even outsourcing the sales process !!  He has a sales team who work on a commission only basis who actually get the clients for him.

I’ve made a video all about this and put it up on my blog few to have a look at.



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  • Thanks Sarah for this video I have a few gigs on fiver
    and im want to start my own link building service anyhow
    thanks for the info and i love your blog.

  • I would buy a course that goes into detail about the whole thing, especially getting the sales outsourced, as I’d rather be doing the “computer thing”

  • This is a timely video. As it happens I’m putting together a plan for marketing solutions for business which covers this.

    The one thing I would say though is that Fiverr is ok for many things but I wouldn’t base a serious SEO business on Fiverr gigs. People often dont deliver or deliver poorly which will not help repeat sales.

    There are simple ways of optimizing web pages and tonnes of WP plugins out there which will help your site stick in the search engines, its a matter of choosing wisely.

    I like the monthly site rental option though, £100 per month for someones chosen keywords on the top of google will save them a lot of PPC cash. Also if they opt out you could use this site for another business.

  • How would you know which sevice to trust on Fiverr and that would do the job correctly? Would be nice to give us some places to go in Fiverr, thanks again…note, maybe I missed it in the video, but if you can give me some info on fiverr it would be nice.

  • Sarah, thanks for the vid and thanks to Rob for sharing his simple business idea. i have found SEO for competitive affiliate terms getting harder and harder and so I am branching out into local marketing along the lines you have discussed. All the best


  • Sarah, you are simply the best info marketer out there!

  • Thanks for inviting me over to ur blog, Sarah. I got to watch the video and noticed that Rob didn’t mention the search volume of the keywords he’s using for his local search.
    If the competition is low (which will surely get him to the 1st page of google), are people actually searching for those keywords???

    Please, reply ASAP.
    Thanks again!

  • There are business opportunities everywhere, you just have to see them.

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