Sarah Staar

The $200 A Day Videos

A few weeks back I put on a workshop called “The $200 A Day Income Blueprint”


This was one of my most successful workshops to date, in fact the workshop sold out in a matter of days and there were loads of people who wanted to come but I just simply couldn’t fit any more people in the room.

To cater for all those people who I had to turn away and also all those people overseas I filmed the whole event.

I’ve just finished editing all the videos from the event and have uploaded them to my site.

During the day I detailed the exact system I use in my business every day, a blueprint for making $200 a day. I had some amazing feedback after the event just look at some of the testimonial videos….

How To Find A Niche That is profitable.

It seems every week somebody asks me how do I find a niche or how do I find a niche that is profitable. So to answer all your questions I have made a video detailing exactly the process I use to find a profitable niche.

If you are building websites that you intend to make money from it is very important to choose a niche that is profitable, i.e. there are lots of advertisers,  or products you can sell and also a niche that you can realistically rank on the front page of Google for.

In today’s video I will show you how I do this process manually and next week I will show you some of the automated tools available.



Buy A Gig On And Sell It For £1,000 ?

Right now there is a huge opportunity that very few people are taking advantage of. What am I talking about, well its local business marketing. I have several friends that are making over £10,000 a month doing very little work.

In essence all they are doing is selling Internet marketing services to local businesses. The interesting thing is that most of the work is outsourced.  So if your selling something like website building services,  SEO services etc this can all be outsourced, in fact I’ve got friends who are charging businesses £1,000 a month for SEO services (basically just link building) and then hiring someone on  to do the work for them!!

I spoke to one guy a couple of days ago who’s even outsourcing the sales process !!  He has a sales team who work on a commission only basis who actually get the clients for him.

I’ve made a video all about this and put it up on my blog few to have a look at.