anniversary of the first online sale

Did you know that 95% of people who live in the United Kingdom shop online and it all started on the 11th August 1994.

That was the date of the first ever secure online transaction. The product which was purchased was a CD album by Sting, “Ten Summoner’s Tales” for $12.48 plus shipping.

Wow how things have moved on since then. I was trying remember my first online sale as an affiliate. I don’t honestly remember what the product was I know it was in February 2008.

I know this because I was tidying up my office the other day I actually found a photo copy of my first ever ClickBank check.


first clickbank cheque


I remember being so proud of the fact that I’d made a couple of thousand dollars online that I photocopied the cheque before I cashed it in at the bank. I guess I knew this was the beginning of something big…..





Getting more traffic to your blog

Back in 2008 when I made my first affiliate commission traffic was one of the biggest problems I faced.

You probably been there yourself, built a website and then wondered why you get no traffic.

Getting traffic to a WordPress website is not really that hard but only if you have things configured correctly. To be honest going through the hassle of configuring every post and page on your website can be incredibly time-consuming.

This is probably why very few people go to the effort of optimising every page.

Last week I was very lucky to stumble across a brand-new WordPress plug-in which completely automates the tagging of posts and pages on your blog.

I’ve been using this plug-in only a few days now and I have noticed a significant increase in the traffic to my blog.

This neat little tool will help your blog increase your Google PageRank and get seen by more people, LOTS more people, and they will be finding your site with targeted keywords…

In other words what they are actually looking for will match what you have to offer…

Which means real BUYER traffic for your site!

It takes just moments to get up and running, there’s no guess work, and you’ll be getting extra ‘white hat’ content pages in Google automatically, and bumping up the link juice of all your existing pages, boosting their rank at the same time.

One of the reasons I love this plug-in is because there is very little work involved. All you have to do is upload this plug-in to your WordPress site, activated it and that’s pretty much it you can leave everything on default settings.

I can definitely recommend Traffic Tagger as a plug-in that will definitely get your WordPress website more traffic.

Talk soon,



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