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You Can’t be the Best if you Don’t Learn from the Best

This Thursday I’m hosting a very special live training class “How To Build A List of 1,000 people in the next 30 days” and I’d love to have you come along.

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Judge for yourself if I am the Best Person to learn from…

During This Webinar You Will Learn

– How to get people to sign up to your email list (And how to do it for FREE!)

– How I generate $31 from each new subscriber that joins my list…

– How to get people to open your emails predisposed to BUY FROM YOU.

– How to provide massive value from your emails and still make a ton of sales.

– How to get your email list into a BUYING FRENZY without being all “salesy”

And lots more …..

See you at 8.00pm UK Time , 3:00 pm EDT!

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The webinar is This Thursday 

EST/EDT, Eastern Standard Time (US) 3:00pm

LONDON, United Kingdom, England 8:00pm

CST/CDT, Central Standard Time (US) 2:00pm

PST/PDT, Pacific Standard Time (US) 12:00pm

MST/MDT, Mountain Standard Time (US) 1:00pm

UTC, Coordinated Universal Time 8:00pm

CET, PARIS, France 9:00pm

AEDT/AEST, Australian Eastern Daylight Time 7:00am

all the best,

Sarah Staar

Last Charge in Oxford Before Home

Charging the car for the last time before i get home.

Wow I guess there’s lots of teslas around Oxford quite a few at this charging station.

I stopped he had a chat with Michael the owner of the blue Tesla. He’s had his car for a while now and he is very pleased with it.

16 aug last charge up